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12 of 12 Meetings Technology Trends to Watch for 2012: “Indoor Positioning Systems” will assist in event and trade show way-finding and navigation.

November 29, 2011

This is the twelfth in a series of 12 weekly blog postings covering the major technology trends affecting conferences, events and trade shows:

12. “Indoor Positioning Systems” will greatly assist in event and trade show way-finding and navigation.

Standard GPS does not work indoors. Standard Wi-Fi triangulation only gets to about a 100 foot (30 meter) accuracy — not good enough for precise tracking though an exhibit hall, venue or for person-to-person finding at an event.

New technology from at least two companies ( and promise to overcome these challenges to provide very precise positioning (as fine as 1 meter) by tracking Wi-Fi enabled smart phones, carried by an increasingly larger percentage of the population. These tools will be able to provide:

  • precise positioning
  • personal navigation through a venue/exhibit hall with optimized routing
  • friend/contact finding and networking (with permission)
  • location-based content delivery (exhibit discounts or video as examples)
  • optimized exhibit hall viewing by product category
  • exhibit hall “hot spot” and traffic flow analytics
  • several other features will likely develop from this exciting technology.

In addition to venues and convention centers, this technology holds great promise for shopping centers, airports, hospitals and museums. A short video demonstrating the application in a museum can be seen below:

Wayfarer Indoor Positioning System

Check in next week for a bonus trend and a summary of the impact of technology innovation for events.