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10 Questions for Meetings Technology Providers #2: Core-apps

January 8, 2010

 This is a second in a series of posts asking 10 questions from meetings technology providers, specifically focusing on meetings technology innovation. Let me know what questions you would like to ask and what technology products you would like to cover. As in independent consultant, I have never accepted a cent of commission on the sale of any meetings technology product. The reason I am making this post is to increase awareness of how meetings technology innovation can improve the meetings process. Corbin

1.  What is your company name and website address?

Core-apps, LLC.

2.  Briefly, what is the background and/or history of your company?

Core-apps, LLC is a smartphone developer of native applications for Apple, BlackBerry, and Google, as well as web based applications. 

3. What is your product?

Follow Me and Follow Me Conference are the leading smartphone applications specifically designed for the trade show and events industry.  Our mobile applications are designed for Apple , BlackBerry, and Andriod in native applications so internet connectivity is not a must like web based applications. 

4.     How does it fulfill a need or a problem?  

Follow Me” enhances the trade show experience beyond anything else available on a phone.  Unique features that include interactive floor maps with the ability to locate where you are on the show floor, social media interaction, Session and events polling,  and the ability to download brochures from the exhibitors so you don’t have to carry around bags of paper are just some of the best flashy features.  Getting and staying organized and updated is a “Follow Me”  specialty — with its interactivity capability you can create or update your schedule on the fly and all of your trade show information stays organized in one place… “Follow Me”.  When you are not at the trade show, “Follow Me” delivers there also, with local merchant free coupons and discounts.

5.     What is your unique selling proposition? What differentiates you from the competition?

Our unique proposition is that our smartphone apps do not require internet connective 100% of the time to work.  Also, our interactive floor map to help you navigate the show floor with location service.  It is easy to integrate our mobile application from any software that captures attendee, exhibitor, and floor map information. 

6.     What audience(s) are you trying to reach? 

Our products are design to fulfill a need for the Trade Show Organizer, Event Planner, and Venues that handle conferences and trade shows.

7.     Are there common misconceptions about your product or service? 

Yes, most people think we only provide app for iPhones – we do iPhones/iPod Touch, BlackBerry and soon Android as well as a web based app.

 8.     What is your contact information? And, do you have an online demo of your product?

Our contact information is – Jay Tokosch 410-974-0505 Direct,  Web site is  Video on our product is below. Webinar demo came be done also.          

9.     Can you share success stories?

Our success stories are everyone of our clients!  Also, one of the great things about the app is that is lives on long after the event is over.  The app continues to be active 24/7/365 and is utilized as a reference product to get information about the exhibitors that displayed at the show.  We had exhibitor contact us to tell us that he received a nice order from an attendee at a show he had displayed his products.  The Attendee contacted him 6 weeks after the show and told him he found him thru a search on the mobile app and downloaded his brochures from the app.  Then called him to place an order!! 

10.      Can you tell me how you price your product/service? 

For the Trade show application, Follow Me we have a small setup fee and then a low cost exhibitor fee which provides them with the Green Package (2 Logos and upload of all their handouts, and lead info).  We also share the revenue from the other marketing opportunities such as Banners ads for the exhibitors and local merchants, and multi-media package.  The Conference application is a flat fee of $2,000 – $3,000 depending upon options chosen.