Google Wave for collaborative note taking at events

Google Wave, an emerging real-time online collaboration software by Google, will have very significant applications for meetings. Think of it as email, SMS, text messaging, file/photo sharing, a wiki and much more combined. My next blog posting and my newsletter will focus on several of these options. In the meantime, a great introductory video about Google Wave can be found below:

Google Wave was used for collaborative note taking at a recent ECOMM conference. This will be one of many applications including:

  • Developing a collaborative meeting agenda
  • Meeting invitations
  • Group brainstorming
  • Back-channel conversation tool (such a Twitter) for events
  • Group reports and follow up
  • Photo and file sharing for events
  • Conference feedback

The video below shows how the collaborative note taking was done.

More on this topic can be found at:


4 Responses to “Google Wave for collaborative note taking at events”

  1. vks Says:

    Thank you for ur post!
    I have visited a nice tutorial about google wave here

  2. Jeff Korhan Says:

    Well said. Here’s one that I have recently learned bout but have not yet tried – using Google Wave to collaborate with yourself. It’s another idea. 🙂


  3. Werbemittel Says:

    Great post! Really enjoyed reading through your blog!!

  4. Peter Gatscha Says:

    Who can teach me the use of Google Wave as a organizing tool for e net planning (event – one week, three cities, 25 to 35 speakers to recruit and organize).
    Location: New York City
    Organization: Austrian Trade Commission
    Call me at (212) 421 5250 and ask for Peter

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